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FOX Business
Jan 8, 2013 9:20am EST
, america the gigantic market not just smart zones, they want to conquer everything. >> they don't want all of our money flowing into their champion companies like samsung and taking them over. that's what it is. >> that's the crown jewel of south korea. stuart: 8 billion dollars of profit in 13 weeks, that's not bad. charles, stay right there, please. football next, alabama beat notre dame in last night's bcs championship bowl to give the crimson tide back, they got their-- i want to get this right, the football championship back, back-to-back champions and however, the most memorable moment from an otherwise lopsided game was this. >> you see that loving lady there, she does-- and miss alabama aj mccarron's girlfriend and right there is bb bonner and-- >> and they owed katherine webb, the girlfriend of the quarterback. he still is talking about her. >> and one guy, miss alabama and mom is on the right, i think at this moment it might be like 150,000, it's just like, you know, that's nonstop. stuart: he wouldn't stop. >> no, he was smithen. okay, now, ms. webb is the reigning miss alabama,
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
>>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we search the web for the best videos of the day so you don't have to. let's get started, "right this minute." >>> an intense moment when police take on -- >> armed robbers, who were armed with ak-47s coming out of a jewelry store. >> find out what they left behind when they made their getaway, and how it all came to an end. several people are stranded after their ship capsized. >> but the helicopter doesn't have the capacity to rescue all these people. >> but they did have -- >> pretty ingenious solution. >> see how they were able to round help from around the sea. >> that's so awe -- >> a rider speeding down the road 2340e69 notices -- >> something's going on up ahead. >> something that will make you say, "holy koala!" >>> plus, some ladies dress down in some do-do. the story why these models are posing in poo, and alone way trombone. ♪ [ laughter ] >> the latest video -- blowing up the internet. >>> you're looking at cell phone footage outside of a busy shopping center near stockholm, sweden. as this cell phone pans over, you notice somet
Jan 9, 2013 9:30am PST
maury povich. this is a whole show here. so who won this battle? >> this was the newborn, and i don't care what kind of animal it, you don't take somebody's newborn pup baby, because they're fight you for it. >>> look closely at this high-tension power line in chile. near the very top of this tower there's a man that has climbed that tower. you can see people on the ground looking closely, wondering, what this guy is doing. some people wondering if this guy was suicidal. some people not sure if he some mental issues. he continues to climb around and at one point starts to swing on the tower. he's moving around a lot. treating it like it's a set of monkey bars. >> ah! oh -- ooh -- >> oh, my gosh. i was just about to say, how has he not electrocuted himself? >> terrifying video. there's a yellow air bag on the ground, if you noticed that. there's also some caution tape stretched out around that yellow air bag. i don't know if this was some sormt of plann sort of planned stunt or if that bag was put there by rescue workers trying to save the man. >> but he doesn't land on the air bag.
Jan 10, 2013 11:35pm PST
was looking through a list of the best picture nominees. some of them are very obscure. i don't like that. the rule with the oscars should be if a movie is only eligible if i've heard of it. the night before the announcement, they should come by the house and run every movie title through me. "beasts of the southern wild" doesn't ring a bell. "amor." never heard of it. that's how they should do this. "lincoln" led the field with 12 nominations. lincoln i've heard of. the guy from the money, right? in the best actress category, two records were set. 85-year-old emanuel riva became the oldest nominee. and a 9-year-old became the youngest nominee. that is until honey boo boo next year. should 9-year-olds even be allowed at the oscars? i feel like the answer to "who are you wearing" shouldn't be oshkosh bigosh. it's quite a name. in case you want to give it a shot, here's how to pronounce it -- -- >> 9-year-old -- gosh, i said that right. >> her name is -- wallace. >> it's young star -- >> she's only 9 years old, by the way. >>. >> jimmy: getting nominated for an academy award is big at any a
Jan 12, 2013 2:05am PST
>> listen to what happened. they asked us -- the folks at "good housekeeping" said why don't you come into our studio labs where we test everything, skin and what not, and we're going to do this segment called seven years younger. >> "good housekeeping" institute. >> they put us in hyperbaric chambers. they took close-up pictures of our face to check for wrinkles. don't say anything. pores. >> >> i prefer you with the hair. >> pores, et cetera. they took photos of us, and then they got inside and looked at our problem with dark spots and wrinkles and pores and everything. >> some of us had those problems. >> don't reveal, because it was the most depressing day. >> for someone. >> i wish that i didn't even go. we're going to do an entire segment describing not, again, with the photo, but describing what happened and how we can correct such problems. i can't believe. i got to tell you. they compare us to people in our own age group. >> that's where it really got ugly. >> with our own skin types. >> i am so in a funk after that. >> i actually think you ended up doing quite well. i'm
Jan 11, 2013 11:35pm PST
lost my virginity, except this week i didn't cry. [ laughter ] i have to admit, i don't usually like to toot my own -- is it horn or hose? [ laughter ] there were a lot of exciting developments this week. maybe the most exciting development of all, thank you very much, i made the cover of "time" magazine. [ cheers and applause ] there i am. if you'd like, if i had a pen, i would sign this for you. oh, thank you very much. there you go. and that's for you, young man. enjoy. all right. we have a nice show for you tonight. second night of music with bruno mars. [ cheers and applause ] he's got a number one song. he's going to do a new version of "locked out of heaven" tonight. in this version, he finds his keys. he gets right into heaven. [ laughter ] tonight a very bright and interesting man by the name of george lois is with us. he's an ad man. he's the guy that came up with a lot of things. he came up with the slogan "i want my mtv", he came up with that. his book is called "damn good advice." we'll also visit with sofia vergara. sofia is here to promote her show "modern family." i t
Jan 8, 2013 11:35pm PST
ketchup but it's just white. >> i don't see you eating it. >> i'm a vegetarian. >> mayonnaise does not have meat in it. you cannot be a vegetarian of mayonnaise. mayonnaise is not a meat. it is something you put on a sandwich. >> she's right. much like almost everyone in los angeles, our set had some work done over the break. we have new floors. we have a new backdrop. do you like it, guillermo? what do you think? >> i like it a lot. >> be honest, you like it? >> it looks great. >> jimmy: for those of you that have not seen the show before, this is my wife guillermo. we've been together almost ten years now. you're clapping for yourself. tell everyone a little bit about yourself, guillermo. go ahead, you have the stage. >> well, i love to eat and i love to drink. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's right off the top of his head. you know, from time to time, we send a camera out on the street to ask people what they think about things that never happened. for instance, in october, we asked people what they thought of the first lady debate between michelle obama and ann romney.
Jan 11, 2013 10:30pm PST
calculation or it's not clear? >> i don't remember. there was some analysis looking at comparables. i can't remember the details. if i had ken rich here, we could ask him that question. i honestly don't remember. >> i kind of second commissioner wu's comments to see if this is, you know, economically consistent. they're following the rules which is great. i think it's a good model. we should use this as a test to see are we getting kind of the same value because then there is a potential to get even more land to do land dedication. so, it would be good just to see that kind of -- it's not a terribly difficult calculation. >> yeah, we could do that. i think what's relevant here is that the land dedication, regardless of whether it's economically comfortable in terms of dollars, it was intended to provide more units. and, so, what this does, it relatively triples the amount of affordable units. >> [speaker not understood]. >> [speaker not understood]. [multiple voices] >> more units on lower land cost. >> one thing i do remember, part of the reason and i think mayor's office of housing can
Jan 8, 2013 12:00pm EST
in china. i think because of that these industrials can do very, very well. i don't know that it will be this quarter but i think going forward the industrial space is a base we can move off of but the financials will put us to the upside. we get to the xof, close above that 17 level for a couple days in a row, get into the earnings season and jpmorgan can put the flash in there, we're going higher. >> what is the retreat in stocks telling you now? >> i think this is the most constructive thing that could be happening. this is what you want to see if you're bullish. we're very close to new highs and you've consolidation on very low volume. my favorite feature of the option this week is the fact that correlations continue to stay almost nonexistent. in other words, even when you have down days, you have money that continues to work. i'd like to see them rotate sector to sector without a lot of panic. even though we're opening down and staying down. >> it looks like we may start off getting out over our ski as little bit. let's folks on the vix. the vix is down in the $14 r
Jan 7, 2013 8:00am EST
to enact a law for net neutrality is a possibility, but i don't see the house republicans going for it. so that would put it all back up in the air, and we'd be back to square one on net neutrality. >> host: so do you see that coming to congress at some point, or do you see the court actually making a decision? >> guest: well, the court is going to make a decision, and tacked come early this year. and if they uphold the rules, they're going to be safe, and that's going to be the standard now. if they strike them down, then it'll be whether congress is going to try to act to give the fcc explicit authority in this area. as long as the republicans control the house, i don't see that happening. but the other issue is that if the court does strike down the rule, it's even broader than just those regulations in particular because it puts the fcc's power to regulate the internet into question. and that's really the core of the issue here. so not just net neutrality, but any action on the data caps or other similar issues. it's whether the fcc has the power to regulate the main communication serv
Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
to jump in after that kind of run where we had the s&p up, i don't know, 60 handles, whatever it is. but i'm long what i'm still long. i haven't sold much of anything at all. just taking tiny stiticks. very interested to see how the banks come out. see that this week starting with the ones i like next week. i haven't -- i'm not a wholesale seller here. i think the only thing really worried me is fireworks on the debt ceiling in the next month. >> right. before i get the opinion of this side of the desk, i want to walk through. there are people at home who are saying, stocks are near five-year highs but my portfolio does not refrequent and that's because, well, look at the performances. financials are still down 52% from their peak. utilities, industrials lagging. if you held onto u.s. steel, alcoa, citigroup of bank of america hoping for a bounce back, you are still out of luck. they're down more than 75% since the s&p 500 peak. do you stick with what's work, apple, tjmaxx, priceline, or do you double down on the weakli weaklings? that's what we saw coming out of the woodwork with analyst
Jan 7, 2013 8:00pm EST
the sec back to square one, whether it's a push in congress to enact a law, a possibility that i don't see the house republicans going for. >> host: tuesday the court making a decision and having neutrality on the. >> guest: if they uphold the rule, then they will be safe and i will be the standard now. whether the sec has the power regulate the services of the 21st century. >> host: another guess that we have today is eliza krigman. >> guest: thank you for having me on the show. i would agree with brendan sasso. when you look at regulating the internet, which is of course the most important platform and and communications right now, i think the conventional wisdom is that the court is likely to strike down supporters of the rules aren't comfortable with the fact that the commission does not use the authority under the communications act. another thing to consider about this issue is will google provide the same rule as corporate rabbis, if you will, to guide this issue forward. he was the top issue for them. >> host: there was talk of rewriting the telecom act of the 1990s. what do you th
Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
on his girlfriend and lit her on fire yesterday after they got into an argument. >> i don't know what will happen to her. i don't. >> reporter: starr lamare a mother of three will be in the burn unit for the next 4-5 months. she will need numerous surgeries. >> face. chest. waist up. he tried to kill her. >> reporter: it is not the first time he has been accused of being violent in a relationship. in 2009 he pled guilty to battery charges. a judge ordered him to attend domestic violence counseling. he went to one class and never went back. >> how can you go from arguing to setting someone on fire. >> reporter: she says her sister and dexter oliver had been dating six months. she tried to end the relationship before. >> he will leave a day or two and then come back. >> reporter: now that he is wanted for attempted murder he finally left their home for good. >> we are checking areas he is known to frequent, addresses we have on file. we are asking for the public's help to find him. >> reporter: san francisco police warn that dexter oliver is dangerous, anyone who sees him should call po
Jan 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
stopped breathing. i screamed at him he said, don't die on me. don't die on me. medley survived. he said of the inside of his car there was so much blood it was sloshing. 6-year-old veronica sullivan was found by specialist sergeant gerald he was close to tears i checked for a pulse she was dead no pulse he said. >> what they have on the docket ... >> reporter: her great aunt was in the courtroom and heard it all. >> it was gut wrenching it really was. to think that a 6-year-old child's life was snuffed out. >> reporter: holmes never looked at her or any victims sitting in the courtrooms. >> what do you want done? >> i want him to have a fair trial and i want him convicted and my wish is that he have life in prison and every day he thinks about those victims by having their pictures on the wall. >> reporter: police discovered holmes bought his ticket july 8th, two weeks before the july 20th shooting and they is surveillance video the lobby showing him acting so normally he held the door open for another couple and politely let them in. barry peterson, cbs news, arapahoe county courthouse
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
'd hate to see the project fail because we don't have enough parts and go nowhere because we can't sell the unit. it doesn't make any sense. >> mr. junius, you're a land use attorney. how many condominiums do you think are for sale now in the city out of the thousands that used to be for sale? a couple hundred? >> i think if you're talking about demand for units, the pine line is pretty slim right now without a doubt. that's with all the cranes are in the air. >> thank you. we're in a transit rich corridor here. it's not only uses. we have a policy. the staff has already split the difference between .5, which is the max allowed and .75. the developer would have to do all of the things that commissioner antonini mentioned anyway just to put money into the community -- excuse me -- eastern neighborhoods fund. granted, he's volunteered to do the community benefit separately, but we're not in control of that. all of the things that he has to meet, affordable housing, he's required to do. so, that would be required of any developer. and that developer would still be facing .5. and, so, given
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> i don't care if it is the middle of january. we need to get shelter. this is an example to make them understand it. >> reporter: and with the strong storms, too much rain. this morning, more than a dozen states from indiana to new york are either inundated or bracing for floods. one of those cities bracing for floods, flash flood warnings in nashville. you can see it fall from louisville to nashville, the 2 plus but locally 3 in some areas and the rain is behind it. it's not just arctic, it's, gosh, cold. these are actual morning temperatures, so windchills will be even colder. phoenix this morning, right at that freezing mark, and then all the heat, yesterday atlanta broke a 123-year-old record hitting 76. i think a lot of spots, new york today at 55. washington, d.c. at 62. will do that as well. we have fog to talk about coming up in the nation's weather but for now back to dan and bianna. >> all right. thanks, ginger. >>> the latest on the deadly flu epidemic. those who haven't received their flu shot yet could get shut out. the vaccine is in low supply due to high demand, and the
Jan 11, 2013 12:00pm PST
told me, don't go over there because he's dead and, you know, in a bad way. >> reporter: deputies found lavanion with multiple gunshot wounds and one trying to save his life. >> deputies attempted cpr, but medical personnel pronounced the suspect deceased. >> reporter: he was smart and athletic and believes this was a mistake because he was new to the area. >> i know it happened for nothing, basically somebody just got the wrong thing, got it confused. he's not from out here. >> reporter: the family had a rough year. someone shot into their house. the family tried to transfer out of murin city, but they could not move. the sheriffs say they don't have a suspect description at the time. cbs5. >> muran county is hosting the gun buyback program next week. people from sonoma and san francisco will get $200 for a semiautomatic handgun or long gun. others worth $100. the buyback happens with the mill valley police departments. no questions asked. >>> vice president joe biden meets with video game makers to broaden ideas for curbing gun violence. t
Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. it's 4 times more effective at removing lime scale than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and now, save 50% on the closeout of our silver limited edition bed. ends sunday. >> ama: co-founder of a social website has been found dead. he took his own life in his apartment in brooklyn. he was a hacker and free speech activist that thought to make online information to anyone. he was about to go on trial for 13 felonies next month. he was accused of stealing millions of articles in the hopes of offering them to the
Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
that -- that certain students cost more to educate than other students is valid. i don't think many people dispute that. it's a matter of how do you implement that? and how do you pay for it? and that's where that rubber hits the road. >> it's kind of hard. it has to be fair across the board, it doesn't matter what student or what income level they're at. >> reporter: even though it would benefit schools in the west contra costa unified school district, charles ramsey believes that the governor's plan will only breed bitterness. >> how is it going to accomplish that? i don't think it's fair to say to other school districts that they should lose their funding to help us. i just don't support that kind of proposal. >> reporter: and if you are wondering to what happened to all that additional sales tax that you just passed for education? it is going to schools but because there were so many cuts in the last five years, this only brings the schools back to where they started so just at zero. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. >>> on the higher education front it appears gover
Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
during the day on wednesday. a few clouds continuing through thursday. we don't expect a lot o of moisture to accompany the frontal system but what moisture does accompany it could produce light scattered showers and maybe even a snow shower or two on thursday as the colder air settles in. but the big change with with the front will not be the chance of precipitation. that is modest. it it will be the drop in temperatures which we will all feel. tomorrow a rise in temperatures. highs will be in the low 60s in the south bay. up to 62 at san jose. low 60s on the peninsula. up to 62 palo alto and mountain view. upper 50s on the coast and pacifica and halfle moon bay and upper 50s in and around san francisco. a high of 59 downtown tomorrow. north bay highs mainly low 60. 61 sonoma. 62 napa. 62 santa rosa. east bay, 62 oakland, fremont and castro valley. inland east ba highs right around or just barely above 60 degrees and near monterey bay mainly mid 60s inland and low 60s near the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures drop on wednesday and there is a slight chance
FOX News
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
secretary of defense invites conflict because bulllies don't respect weakness. >> reporter: hagel's defenders point to his two purple hearts in vietnam. >> chuck hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman. served incredibly in vietnam. served this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. so why all the prejudging i don't know. >> reporter: the senate has only rejected nine cabinet nominees since 1834. the last time that they rejected a nominee from a president was in 1989 with john tower who was also up for secretary of defense, bill. bill: who are the leading contenders now for cia director, jennifer? >> reporter: mike morale, for one, the acting director of. cia is being considered. they are settling on john brennan, the chief counterterrorism advisor to the president. he has been very close to the president the past four years. he is the white house choice to replace david petraeus. brennan will face serious questions about his role in the cia enhanced teartation techniques program, other controversial bush era programs. this is the reas
FOX News
Jan 7, 2013 8:00am PST
don't respect weakness. >> reporter: his defenders point out that chuck hagel valiantly in vietnam. he received two purple hearts there. knows what war is all about but his critics pipt out that was against the surge in iraq. he called it the biggest foreign policy mistake. he warned it would be the biggest foreign policy mistake since vietnam. obviously the surge turned out differently. he will face tough questions about those positions if he will take the helm at the defense department. general jenna. jenna: all ahead, thank you, jennifer. jon: for more on the controversy surrounding the president's planned picks let's bring in bret stevens, foreign affairs columnist at "wall street journal." about chuck hagel first. it is a quote that sounds familiar to you and you wrote it. before his official nomination, mr. obama may appoint mr. hagel to take a place at the pentagon. as almost score setting matter i almost hope he does. it would confirm a point i made earlier this column earlier this year, that mr. obama is not a friend of israel. >> you could hardly think of another leading cont
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am PST
pushes back and says he's only half way through the process, don't judge him so quickly, but if the president's being judged quickly on race and gender issues it may in fact be because he taught people how to do that in his campaign. there was not an issue of race or agenda that the obama campaign didn't jump on when it came to mitt romney and the republicans. so now he's feeling a little of that heat himself. >> so what does he plan to do? >> well the white house officials, first they plan to say wait a minute, his closest and most trusted adviser is an african-american woman he has plenty of women staying in his cabinet along with minorities more women work at the white house than men, so they're basically saying wait a minute that this recent flap that he's involved in is a little overtorqued as they say, but white house officials say wait a minute, there are more appointments to come stay tuned. he's planning to keep the diversity in his cabinet and his office as it was in the first term, but there are more picks to come. >> let me turn to g
Jan 7, 2013 3:00am PST
america's bills issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. most of us don't think that. what we did learn is this. it's a hostage that's worth ransoming. is that the strategy for the coming fight over the debt ceiling? >> well, first, these last-minute deals are no way to run the government. i can tell you that. we know what the problem is. you're going to have al simpson and erskine bowles on. they have talked about this for a couple of years now. we have a spending problem. you know, we have a debt the size of our economy, which makes us look a lot like greece. this administration has driven spending as a percentage of our economy from 21% up to almost 25%. we've resolved the tax issue now. it's over. it's behind us. we were able to get permanent tax relief for 99% of american taxpayers. and for 500,000 small businesses. so that's behind us. what's left to be dealt with is the spending. and it's a shame that the president doesn't embrace the effort to reduce spending. none of us like using these situations like the sequester or the debt ceiling or the operation of governmen
Jan 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
-old career criminal says most drivers don't read warning signs like this one. >> they don't know the machine is the way to pay, but if you know the machine is okay. >> you feel good about it, justified about it? >> not always. it's an easy way to make money. >> reporter: how much do you make? >> i make it through a day. it's a good deal and rent paid. >> is it lucrative? >> i can make up to thousand dollars a week. >> reporter: he says he has been arrested 30 times. this particular con job is considered a misdemeanor petty theft. he spends little time in jail. he knows he'll be out soon. >> anderson was last arrested saturday at a parking lot. he was in court where he was also charged with violating probation. for that offense, they order in order bail and anderson justifies his crimes saying its really the parking lot operators fault. >> i said you guys wanted to stop it. >> that is one thing that anderson and district attorney agree on. the d.a. says parking operators need to share the responsibility. >> you put attendants or gate and camera. simply posting signs is not enough. >> anderson
Jan 11, 2013 11:00am PST
and afghanistan don't come to some basic agreement and understanding about the threat of extremism to both countries and both governments and both capitals. i think you're starting to see a greater awareness of that on the part of the pakistani government. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: the question that you have made about, about we talked about this issue of in detail today, about the prisoners, about the detention centers. all of these will transfer to the afghan sovereignty. in the u.s. forces will pull out from villages. go to the bases. and and afghan sovereignty will be restored. and after 2014. we will working on it, on these relations. this relation will have a different nature. and will have different principles. it will resemble probably, tokyo or germany, we are studying these relationships and we will do that. >> steven collison? >> thank you, mr. president, do you contemplate the end of this war, can you say as commander-in-chief, that the huge human and financial costs this has entailed can be justified, given the fact that the afghanistan that the world will l
Jan 13, 2013 4:00am PST
investigators on the case in search for the truth. >> i don't find them credible. it's been investigated, reinvestigated, investigated again and again and again and no one has ever come up with entirely credible evidence. >> reporter: a new revelation about jacqueline kennedy. that image of her so iconic, kennedy jr. told the audience that after jfk's assassination, his aunt spent the next half of the decade mainly out of the country because she feared how dangerous it was becoming. as for why robert kennedy never voiced these suspicions in public his son said with the civil rights debate sweeping the country at the time raising them would have been a distraction. dan? >> interesting to hear about jackie kennedy. so fascinated with the family. thanks soap. >>> time for a check of the other headlines and for that back to ron. >> hi again dan and bianna, alex, good morning, everyone. >>> in the news new york state declared a flu emergency, latest response to the epidemic and many churches are taking steps to protect members installing hand sanitizers. >>> former president george h.w. bush
Jan 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> don't blink, because i think i have one of the shortest police chases we've ever shown on this show. let's go to north charleston, south carolina. two crews flashed the blues at that truck and they take off. officers are after the pickup because it's believed to be connected to a counterfeit case. two cruisers after this thing. they hit 90 miles per hour in just 15 seconds. as you can see, busy street, lots of other cars weaving in and out of the lanes. the cruisers hit 100 miles per hour. the chase only lasted a mile and a half. eventually the truck, you almost can't see it. it's way up in the distance. it goes to make a right-hand turn, and when it does, boom, crashes into the pole. the cruiser following was unable to stop fast enough. it crashes in the back. the driver gets out, starts running away. you see another truck from the left-hand side of your screen come dpliing in. that truck was not involved in the chase but maybe was just avoiding the wreck here and trying to get out of th
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> they clearly don't know the contact. >> all of that matters. >> hillary clinton made the first public comments after off a month dealing with a concussion and blood clot. >> i'm thrilled to be back. >> the president hosted a screening of 1600 penn with send tars who keep embarrassing the white house. as joe biden put it, why is everything looking? >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with a dangerous turn in the nationwide flu outbreak. the mayor of boston just declared a state of emergency in his city. >> 18 people across massachusetts have died in recent weeks because of a flu. michelle miller is outside massachusetts general hospital and joins us with the latest. michelle, good morning to you. >> good morning, charlie and gale. the hospital restricted visitors to certain floors like the ob-gyn department. they asked the staff to wear masks throughout the day. >> 41 states are currently seeing intense flu outbreaks. almost five weeks earlier than usual this year. the hare schflu season has hit the city of boston especially hard. >> today, am declaring
Jan 11, 2013 11:30am PST
dot have the concerns about this plane or the 787 as a whole. >> his fellow passengers don't sound too worried. >> it seems like every airline has problems. and this is a new airplane. i am not bothered by it >> instead there was talk of appreciation for the new service to japan. >> it is a convenience. and i go to san francisco, it is crowded and a lot of people, it is it a hassle. >> another passenger chose the flight because it was the best price. boeing is talking about the advances on board and the faa is talking about the investigation, passengers seem interested in getting a deal and convenience. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> looking closer now, despite the fanfare, the dreamliner is the subject of a federal review announced a few hours ago after several high profile mishaps . the faa will review the design of the wide body jet and manufacturing down in the boeing dream drome plant in washington and south carolina. it was launched after a battery caught on fire in boston logan airport earlier this week . despite this, federal officials say the dreamliner is safe to fly. >> we
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am PST
this utility pole that they both kind of crash into. >> wait a minute. i don't mean to laugh, but the very first thing the guy does is light up a smoke. did you notice that? the driver. boom-crash. click. that wasn't even five seconds after he crashes into a telephone pole, he lights up a smoke and says, well, going to be a long night. >> i actually didn't notice that. >> you can hear the guy's engine, the first guy that runs into the telephone pole, he's trying to power his way out of this spin, but it's just not working. his tires are spinning. throughout the video you do see other kaurs de cars deal wig th conditions. here this suv, a turn, a fishtail before turning off this road on to this side road and kind of just regrouping. >> seems like a tough place. >>> what you're looking at is video from the uk, and this is from a pet shop. the store owner was baby-sitting a baby cat and her kittens. first appear, in the video, a child holding a kitten. the kitten is grabbed from this child, pushing somebody out of the way and seems to be telling her to hand her something. watch what she does.
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
them know also that if they for some reason don't want at&t to do the testing, that the department of public health also does testing and they would just need to call the department of public health and request that. so, either way we're happy to do it and i will make contact with them. >> thank you. >> sorry, commissioners. >> commissioner sugaya? >> thank you. i thought there was something different about it because we haven't used the term wi-fi antennas before. >> exactly. >> it is a different system all together like what we have in our houses in terms of wi-fi bouncing around inside our apartments. >> exactly. if you're an at&t customer and you have a wi-fi in your house, it's very similar, very similar. >> i lost my 4g connection at 900 bush. >> we're working on that. [laughter] >> anyway, so, do you think that this kind of technology will also, then, be -- will be used more and do you know if other carriers are trying to address data issues in a similar fashion? >> you know, i can't speak for other carriers, but i do know that we have a couple of projects going on with wi-f
Jan 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
don't think klaus said anything that staggering. the stock performance speaks that. you have to remember, if you go back four years, alcoa's been a dead stock, anywhere between eight bucks and 11 bucks over the last four years. meandering here around nine. i don't see any reason to think that's going to change. i understand why it's important. it's the first, but to be honest, that's the only reason why it's important. the only reason i'd be bullish at any cost is i think 65% of analysts on the street are either hold or negative on the name which leads me to believe maybe there's some upside. but that's basically it. >> i'll play the other side of that. four years is the key here in terms of the time frame. in the past four years we probably haven't seen a better global economic environment when it comes to chinese demand. we have a pickup now in housing, in auto sales. maybe it's a different sort of environment for alcoa this time, keith. >> and this is going to be the back and forth of earnings season. earnings are a lagging indicator. they are going to slow but growth is s
FOX Business
Jan 8, 2013 3:00pm EST
who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. adam: i am adam shapiro with the last hour of trading and the "countdown to the closing bell" begins right now. we will go live to the consumer electronics show in las vegas. top shelf business leaders throughout the next hour, you will hear from liz claman, speaking with the chairman and ceo as well as president of harman international, a first on fox business exclusive. also, samsung electronics, america president first on fox business, and a store in the music industry, 50 cent. and breaking news regarding boeing. they had problems yesterday, of course today's problem with the fuel leak, you can see these problems are taking a toll on shares of boeing, which are dropping, but also the news of united airlines. the same place a
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> they should test it better before they get people on it. >> i don't want to be on it until they get it fixed. >> i have confidence in the airplane. there are going to be teething problems with a new airplane. it's common. the first commercial aircraft made of light weight carbon composite. 21% less fuel than planes of similar size. waiting to hear back to see if they are making changes. for now by all accounts the dream liner flight is set to take off from here friday at 11:45 a.m. live from san jose international, marla tayes. "today in the bay." >> an update to breaking news near atlanta where four children are dead after a duplex caught fire. the children ranged in age from 8 months to 7 years. we have learned a 6-year-old child survived with no serious injuries after his mother threw him from the second floor window to safety. the mother, however, was severely burned and is now recovering at an atlanta hospital. the children's grandmother managed to make it out of the home without injury. the cause of the devastating fire is under investigation. >> also new this morning, san francisco po
Jan 6, 2013 4:00am PST
covering the hope up to tomorrow night's game. don't confuse the red for being an 'bama fan. >> going with the irish. josh looks happy being on the beach as opposed to in the frigid northeast. a lot of news breaking overnight, and, of course, for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> faris and harris. >>> aurora, colorado, still reeling. four people killed including an armed suspect killed in a shootout with the police s.w.a.t. team. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: the first shots rang out in the dead of night at 3:00 a.m., a woman came running from this town home telling people three people inside were shot. police told neighbors to stay down. >> six times total we heard firing. >> never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: as officered evacuated the neighborhood a man began shooting hitting a police vehicle. >> we kept persisting on him coming out. >> reporter: hours passed but there was no talking him out. >> he fired upon us a second time, this time shots were returned. the suspect was hit. >> reporter: police killed the suspect and inside found three more bodies, a
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
company is testing out a feature that charges users 100-dollars to send direct messages to people they don't know. friend-to-friend messages would still be free. facebook says charging for messages may d >>> sending messages to people you don't know used to be free. facebook is charging for messages may discourage junk mailers. >>> all right, it is 7:12. we've got chilly temperatures. brian, what do we have? >> chilly temperatures. starting out mostly in the 30s with the forecast highs today near 50 degrees. so it won't be too warm today, but beautifully clear as we head out. the numbers this morning with that freeze warning posted for the bay area. the temperatures will get down tonight. it'll be colder tonight, saturday night early sunday morning than what it was last night. and by about 5 degrees, beautiful sunrise for the bay area in the dawn area here. some frost out this morning. oakland with 35 degrees and santa rosa down to 30 degrees. that's how it looks going to the satellite with the big dome of high pressure leading to northwesterly flows. t
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> tells me we need a little bit more security as far as, you know, anybody who don't belong on campus should not be on campus. >> i -- i -- i really don't think that this is cause for concern. >> reporter: school district officials downplayed the incident and said the school security plan worked. >> this is an isolated incident and something that we don't believe is widespread by any stretch of the imagination. and again, we have adults on campus that, you know, appropriately responded in this situation like they do in every other circumstance. >> reporter: police say the one suspect who was taken into custody was booked into juvenile hall and they continue to search for the two remaining suspects. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> a suspected bike thief leads police straight to his stash of stole-bikes, tires and other gear. how one of the theft victims help nab the guy. >> it's sleeping pill that works too well. the effects that linger long after the sun rises. a they caught a richmond man trying to sell a stolen bike -- back
Jan 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
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Jan 8, 2013 7:00am PST
need a top rated person. i don't think chuck hagel fits that bill. >> in colorado a week-long preliminary hearing is under way for james holmes the lone gunman in a movie theater last july. >> if i could say something i'd ask him to kill himself because he's a coward. >> a chicago man won $1 million playing the lottery but he died before he got the money. police believe he was throwed. >>> touchdown, touchdown. >> where did the fixes need to come in the second half? >> maybe alabama doesn't come back in the second half. >> touchdown alabama. touchdown bama sabin with his third championship in alabama. you would not let them use the "r" word repeat. >> they repeated it so they can talk about it already. >>> this is a monster calamari. >> a squid in its natural habitat. >>> what was supposed to be a lovely sunset wedding in a hot air balloon ended this way. >> you see that lovely lady that's a.y. mccarron's girlfriend. >> what a beautiful woman. >> whoa! >> a.j.'s doing it right. >> 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. come to america,
Jan 10, 2013 5:00am PST
. but don't wore if you're not a cold weather person. we are told it's expected to warm back up monday but for the next few days like michelle said, hat, scarves, boots, the works, just to keep warm. live in san rafael, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> it's fun, too. you live in the east bay so you will get a nice look at mount diablo with a little snow on it. >> i actually like the snow, elizabeth. i don't mind it. >> you're a denver girl. you're used to real snow. if we see anything out there in the east bay, i don't think it's going to be a whole lot. 2,000 feet or below could get up to 2" of snow. highway 17 or highway 35, it could be treacherous traveling. in the meantime the majority of the bay area seeing scattered showers, moving into the south bay. it was over saratoga but looks like it's quickly moving out. so once again right now pacifica, millbrae looks okay but our hi-def doppler has been relatively busy this morning tracking those light showers that continue to move inland and will slowly taper off throughout the day. temperatures are on the co
Jan 12, 2013 11:30pm PST
party. >> reporter: you are brave wearing the cheese heads. >> i don'taffeta know, it's a little intimidating. >> reporter: you saw a little heckling, good- natured heckling of the cheeseheads there. we actually saw a couple niner fans give a hug to a dejected packers fan. it's nice to see that. we're still monitoring the traffic as people make their way out, but a big party celebrating that huge niner playoff victory. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen. >> winning makes you charitable, eric. [ laughter ] infred inglis with the highlights. at the candlestick, colin kaepernick and aaron rodgerss and there he is. colin kaepernick. kaepernick after throwing an interception for a touchdown comes right back with a 25-yard touchdown. that is his strength. ties the game at 7. set a single game record for quarterbacks, and threw for 263 yard, tied 14-all when he rifles to michael crabtree. niners led at halftime. niners ran for 320 yards a team and again, kaepernick ran for 111 of them. a 56-yard touchdown, 49ers win the divisional game, 45-31 and it wasn'taffeta that it was not tha
Jan 10, 2013 9:00pm PST
ning i'm dan ashley let's get to sandy with a close watch on what is going on out there. >> if you don't feel the winter chill yet get ready to feel it tonight. already out there temperatures falling. live doppler 7 hd showing you skies are clear right now. and this is where the freeze warnings are going up. very shortly here friday and saturday 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. darker purple. all of the north basement its bay interior valley and santa clara valley which includes san jose. mid 2 is to low 30's. freeze damage to crops sensitive plants. bayshore line indicated by the lighter purple under a frost advisory during the same time period. temperatures low to mid 30's want to protect the sensitive plants. bring them in. don't forget about your pechlts i'll be back to show you exactly how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood in a few minutes and look at the weekend forecast. >> thanks very much. >>> see you in a few minutes. >> snow in the sierra means chains required on all vehicle on highway 80 from the foot hills to donner lake. you should also take extra care when d
Jan 11, 2013 9:00pm PST
to that location. they just don't know even if foul play was involved we'll know more with the autopsy. >> series of violent attack on women in san francisco is prompting new warnings about using your cell phone in public. really is become ago growing problem in something we should all pay attention to. last year half of all robbery involved stealing electronic did he advice. thomas has the story tonight from san francisco. >>reporter: this woman bugsing along polk street texting not looking up. inattention like this that san francisco police say make people vulnerable to snatch and grab thieves which is what happened to her co-worker. >> some guy came through the neighborhood walking real fast and just swiped it right out of her hand. >>reporter: she doesn't weren't to be identified said she and the co-worker posted this letter on the shop window. it warns women that cell phone thieves have been active in the area. one theft occurred outside kelly's home near polk and green. >> we heard the girl screaming and called the police and it was pretty scary. >>reporter: those 2 instance os occur
Jan 9, 2013 9:00am PST
is, you leave one and start dating another girl? what happened to that? >> i don't understand why kids would do that. >>> and near saltsburg, austria caused the ground to be unstable sparking a number of landslides throughout the country. here's one. this is slowly sliding down the hill pup see trees toppling over one at a time. just like the whole landscape just shifted across the road. >> like it's on wheels almost. >> trees not just snapping, you can seep the entire root system going. the whole ground just slides away. you see the aftermath. like something built a giant bomb in the middle of the field. >> it's a good thought this road will be closed for a while. >> looked to me like they already had the road blocked off, they anticipated this. here's what a geologist had to say. >> a sliding bulk crashing again and again. it was absolutely impossible to send someone in there. >> this wasn't the only landsli landslide. another one took out another family's home. >> i noticed something rumbling and my wife said the voslide ha landed in our terrace now. >> normally you expect a be
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